Sanitary Pads

Cambio Sanitary pads are made of eco-friendly materials. The top layer of the pad is made of 100% organic cotton and there is no usage of plastic at all! Our products do not contain any harmful chemicals or toxic material.

Cambio Sanitary Pads are super absorbent! They have specialised channels that soak in all the discharge so you don’t have to worry about any leakages during your period!

The normal sanitary pads, which are made of plastic and harsh chemicals, come into direct touch with your skin, causing uncomfortable rashes and irritation. They also have fragrance added which can cause cancer and infertility. Cambio Pads are made from high quality eco-friendly materials. We assure you 100% Rash free experience. They’re extremely breathable and does not contain any fragrance. Hence very safe and comfortable for the users. Also, they come in different sizes to suit your flow.

Never go an entire day without changing your pad. Ideally, one should change them every 4-6 hours to maintain cleanliness & hygiene. This also keeps you safe from any infections and rashes.

Cambio would provide you with a money back guarantee if you get any rashes from our Pads. Kindly note that you should change them every 4-6 hours.

Yes, Cambio Pads come in three sizes - Light Flow, Medium Flow (Day Pads) and Heavy Flow (Night Pads). The difference in the sizes is based on their absorbent capacity and the length of the Pad.

Wrap the used Pads in the disposable bag provided by us and throw it in the dustbin. Do not flush or burn the used Pads.

To maintain optimal hygiene and comfort, a Cambio sanitary pad should be changed every 4 – 6  hours, just like any other sanitary pad