Menstrual Cups

A menstrual cup is an insertable period product that is funnel or bell-shaped. It collects period blood instead of absorbing. As a single Cup can be safely re-used for years, it is highly cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons.

It is made from medical-grade silicone and is free from dyes, harmful chemicals and BPA. They come in multiple sizes, and ours are shipped with recycled cardboard box to cut back on waste.

If this is your first time using cups, you may not know what size is best for you. Don't be concerned! Cambio will exchange the cup size for free if it does not fit! All you have to do is inform us within 2 months of purchase by sharing a picture of the cup cut in two pieces. We’ll deliver a new size of Cup for free. You can reach out to us on care@cambiowoman.com

Menstrual cups are completely safe but it is important that they are made out of Medical grade VI Silicone.

They are a risk-free product if you maintain proper period hygiene and clean and disinfect your cups regularly.

When inserted properly, you should not be able to feel your menstrual cup at all!

Menstrual cups are quite painless and should not cause discomfort when inserted into your vaginal canal. Of course, you may experience some pain while using the cup at first. However, once you've used it a few times, you won't feel anything at all!

Some of the life-changing benefits are -

1. Leak free protection for upto 12 hours.

2. Rash free and odour free periods.

3. No itching, or discomfort.

4. No need to purchase or dispose pads/tampons every month.

5. Comfortable sleep all night.

6. Can be re-used for upto 10 years and hence extremely good for the environment.

7. Swimming, cycling, dancing, everything is possible without any fear.

The design and engineering of Cambio’s Cup is done in such a way that it fits all the vaginas. Its optimum flexibility makes it extremely comfortable and does not harm the vaginal walls.

We offer a Free Size Exchange. If the cup doesn’t fit you well, we’ll get it exchanged for free within 2 months.

With every cup we sell, we donate one to a menstruator who cannot afford period products.

Yes, absolutely! Virgins can use menstrual cups just like anyone else. You may find using a menstrual cup uncomfortable or daunting at first, but in a couple of cycles you will get used to it.

No. Menstrual cups have nothing to do with your virginity and using a menstrual cup will not make you lose your virginity. Virginity is just a social construct. The hymen has been used in many cultures as the “proof” of women's virginity, but this is an incredibly flawed understanding of the hymen.

There are a few things to consider before choosing the size of your cup. If you are young, a virgin, or just have a small vaginal canal, you’ll probably want to go with a teen size. If you’re sexually active or have given birth through C-section or have a heavy flow, you might be more comfortable with a Medium size. If you’ve given birth naturally and have a very heavy flow, you should go with a Large size. Ultimately, sometimes a trial-and-error system is what works best. At Cambio, we have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, and if your cup doesn’t fit, we will exchange it for a new size for free.

Cleaning your menstrual cup is easy. Before and after each use, wash the cup with a mild soap using clean water and turning over the cup to make sure the holes run clear. In between the cycles, don’t forget to sterilize your cup. You can do it by using Cambio Menstrual Cup Sterilizer (add a link to sterilizer) or simply by boiling for 3-5 minutes, making sure it doesn’t touch the bottom of the pot. Once finished, you can store it in its cotton bag until your next cycle.

We won’t lie to you. They can be messy, especially if you’re using them for the first time. But it gets better with practice. Also, with all the benefits they give, they might justify the mess.

Although the risks are fewer than traditional period products, it’s still good to be informed. Menstrual cups can leak if not inserted properly, they can dislodge an IUD, cause infections if they’re not properly cared for, and still have a small risk of TSS. If you notice any pain or discomfort remove the cup and seek medical attention.

No! You can not have penetrative sex with a menstrual cup in.

Yep! It’s perfectly safe to sleep up to 12 hours with your menstrual cup in. If it’s your first time, we recommend wearing a pad or a liner just in case of any leaks.

Menstrual cups are made to last for years, but there are some warning signs of when it has reached the end of its life. If you have any tears, cracks, or scratches on the cup, a foul odor, heavy staining, flaking, or a change in texture, it is time to replace your cup. 

This depends on a lot of factors; how big your menstrual cup is, where you are in your cycle, how heavy your flow is, and how often you change your period products at the moment. It will take some time to get used to a menstrual cup, so we recommend changing your cup when you would usually change your pad or a tampon. Over time, you’ll see how full your cup is and can gauge from there. If you have a lot of room left in your cup, add a few hours to your next change. Over time, it will become as easy as changing a pad or a tampon.

Usually you can wear a Menstrual Cup for up to 12 hours but it depends on your flow. And once it is washed, it is good to be reinserted.

It depends on the size of the Cup. Teen size holds 15 ml, Medium size holds 20 ml and Large size holds 25 ml of blood.

It can be a little challenging at first when inserting a cup, but there are a few things to remember.

Always wash your hands with a mild soap before touching yourself or your cup. 

Relax and get into a comfortable position 

Fold your cup in either a c fold or punch down fold

Insert your cup and release it! 

It should never be uncomfortable or painful!

If you are a visual learner or would like a little more information, you can use (give how to use link) as a reference.

menstrual cup properly is very important. Like insertion, it might take a few tries to get the hang of how to remove your cup quickly.

Always wash your hands with a mild soap before touching yourself or your cup. 

Relax and take a deep breath, and find a comfortable position that works best for you.

Find the stem of the menstrual cup and make your way towards the base. Don’t pull on the stem.

Pinch the bottom of the base to release the seal and gently ease the cup out. 

Empty, rinse and reinsert, or empty and sanitise 

If you’re having trouble easing a finger to the rim of the cup, manually breaking the seal is an easy way to get your cup out.