A tampon is a menstrual device that is inserted into the vagina to absorb blood and other fluids. A tampon is held in place by the vagina and expands as it absorbs period blood.

Cambio tampons are made of 100% organic cotton for you! They are chemical-free and also free of plastic.

Cambio tampons are 100% safe to use. They are made using eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and are free from any chemicals! So, don’t worry about any infections down there!

Tampons create a deposit in your vaginal area, causing a PH imbalance and UTIs. Cambio tampons use Cotton-lock technology, which prevents the shedding of tampon fibres or any risk of infections.

1. After washing your hands, choose the tampon with appropriate absorbency and unwrap pulling off the lower section of the wrapper.

2. Relax, take a comfortable position. You can squat or keep one leg up on your toilet.

3. Now insert the tampon in your Vagina at an angle.

4. If you are using a tampon with an applicator push it in for the tampon to insert itself.

5. You will feel a pull once the tampon is inserted.

6. Leave the string hanging outside to remove the tampon when needed.

7. You can let your tampon be when you pee. Just hold the string aside to avoid wetting.

Our tampons are GOTS Certified and made of 100% organic cotton including the absorbent core, packaging, cord and the disposal bags. They are totally natural and contain no harmful chemicals.

Our tampons are available in three sizes. Regular (for light flow), Super (for medium to heavy flow) and Superplus (for extremely heavy flow).

- Regular (6-9 grams)

- Super (9-12 grams)

- Super Plus (12-15 grams)

We recommend changing your tampon after 4-6 hours to maintain health and hygiene. Keeping a tampon longer than that can increase the risk for infections and TSS.

Yes, they are made of 100% organic cotton and are completely biodegradable.

Non-applicator tampons are the same as applicator tampons. However, non-applicator tampons are to be inserted inside the vagina with the force of the finger whereas applicator tampons come with an applicator to help with insertion.

Yes, absolutely! Cambio Tampons are made in an FDA approved facility. They are dermatologically tested for safety and do not contain any harmful that can harm your body. In fact, our tampons are made of 100% Organic Cotton including the absorbent core, the cover and the cord of the tampon. Which means that the cotton that makes these tampons is grown with the highest standards without the use of any pesticides, without being treated with bleach, formaldehyde, or any other toxic substances that can harm your body. However, we suggest that the tampons be changed every 4-8 hours to avoid any infections.

The shelf life of Cambio tampons is 3 years.

1. If you are not menstruating.

2. If you are hypersensitive to the use of tampons.

3. If you have recently given birth.

4. If you have any vaginal inflammation.

5. If you have had a Toxic Shock Syndrome in the past.

Toxic Shock Syndrome(TSS) is a rare but very serious (possibly fatal) illness that can occur in women, men and children. It is caused by toxin produced by a type of bacteria that is present in humans. TSS can occur without tampons but has been associated with the use of tampons. The common symptoms are vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness, rash, eye redness, sore throat, weakness, dizziness when standing up, muscular pain. Consult a doctor immediately if you experience any of the symptoms and discontinue the use of tampons until advised by the doctor.

We understand your hesitation to use a new and unknown product. However, tampons are one of the safest ways to manage your period. They are hygienic and easy to use. Make sure you insert a tampon correctly, and you are good to go.

Honestly, your daughter can use a tampon as soon as she gets her first period. We assure you tampons do not affect the virginity of your daughter and are safe and hygienic.

If you are using a tampon for the first time, you may experience slight discomfort. However, if you choose the correct size and insert the tampon with caution, you will not experience any pain.

Cambio tampons come in different sizes. For teenagers, we recommend the regular size tampon, which is small and has good absorbency. However, if one experiences medium to heavy flow, one can use super-size tampons.

Tampons can be used by women ageing from 14- 50 years of age. Tampons are entirely safe, hygienic, and comfortable for women of every age group.

If you have chosen the correct size of a tampon, it is unlikely that the tampon will hurt coming out. However, if your pain persists, consult a doctor before using it again.

We recommend changing your tampon after every 4-6 hours. A great way to know if your tampon is full is to try taking it out, and if you feel a pull and find it difficult to remove your tampon, it indicates your tampon is not full yet.

Yes. If you insert your tampon correctly, it will not absorb any water, and you can easily take a swim. However, we recommend changing your tampon after you indulge in any water or physical activities.

There are three holes down there. One is for you to pee, the other is for your period blood, and the third one is your anus. Your tampon is inserted in the hole where your period blood comes out. So you can easily pee with your tampon inside.

Yes, you can sleep with your tampon. The only thing to keep in mind is never keeping your tampon inside for more than 8 hours. So, change your tampon just before going to bed and replace it immediately after waking up.

Tampons expand inside your vagina to absorb menstrual blood. Therefore, tampons do not dry up your vagina. Change your tampon every 4-6 hours.

TSS is a severe condition caused by bacteria. However, it is rare these days. Nevertheless, it is essential to maintain proper hygiene, like changing your tampon every 4-6 hours. Maintaining adequate hygiene will reduce your risk for TSS.