Panty Liners

Cambio’s Panty Liners are made up of 100% organic cotton. We believe in menstrual hygiene and wellness. Thus, you won’t find any plastic or chemicals used in these panty-liners or any of our other products!

Pantyliners should be replaced every 3-5 hours.  They're not meant to be worn all day, whether you use them for your period or other discharges! This helps to keep your sensitive area hygienic & clean!

Pantyliners are an effective way to maintain hygiene down there. They keep your sensitive area dry and absorb all types of discharges, from period blood spotting to other vaginal fluids. They also keep you covered from light bladder leakages.

Our liners are 155 mm in length and 1 mm in thickness. It’s perfect for daily use and you’ll not feel like you’re wearing one at all.

To maintain daily intimate cleanliness, dryness, and comfort, Cambio pantyliners should be worn every day. They should be worn while your menstruation is approaching so that any small bleeding does not ruin your underwear. They can also be taken at the very end of the period cycle when bleeding is really light.

Our panty liners are made to be used on a daily basis. As a result, it might not work against period flow. During your spotting and light flow period days, please use our Light Flow sanitary pads.

No, they will not. Our panty liners are 100% toxin-free, fragrance-free and plastic-free