Things You Should Avoid During Periods

7 Things You Must Avoid During Periods

Picture this: you're on a rollercoaster ride, and just as you reach the top, that feeling of anticipation washes over you.

Menstruation in your body gives you a similar kind of experience; mood swings, anxiety, cramps, the list goes on and on.

It's a sensitive time phase that deserves all our attention, care, and understanding.

Sometimes, due to our hectic schedules, we don’t give the proper care and treatment we deserve during periods. 

Not a wise thing to do; Sometimes queens should prioritize themselves to manage everything well!

We bring this fantastic guide to avoiding nasties during your menstruation, which may help you keep irritation at bay and make your period a much more comfortable experience.

Don't worry, though. We've got your back! 

In this interactive and engaging guide, we'll take you by the hand and share some valuable tips on what to avoid during your periods so that you can navigate this monthly adventure with confidence and grace.

Things to Avoid During Periods

  • Say "No" to Stress Overload
  • Avoid Processed Foods
  • Avoid Intense Physical Activities
  • Say No to Caffeine and Alcohol
  • Avoid Tight Clothing
  • Say Goodbye to Unhealthy Habits
  • Avoid Shaving/Waxing your Intimate Areas

Periods can be a rollercoaster of emotions and physical sensations. 

While some days might feel like a breeze, others can sometimes throw a curveball your way.

But fear not! By knowing what to avoid, you can minimize discomfort and ensure a smoother ride.

Let's jump into the tips and tricks to help you conquer your period like a champion!

Say "No" to Stress Overload

We get it, giving advice is easy but following it is difficult.

Sometimes, the pending files at the office and finishing school assignment deadlines are inevitable tasks to complete.

What if we say there’s a way to alleviate work stress?

Managing work stress during your period can be challenging, but with some proactive strategies, you can find balance. 

Plan, communicate openly about your needs, and prioritize your workload. Creating a schedule before continuing with the work helps manage tasks and assignments without spiraling you down with highly stressed, piled-up deadlines and a foul mood.

Incorporate stress-relief techniques like deep breathing and mindfulness breaks.

Take regular breaks, create a calming workspace and practice self-care. 

Set boundaries between work and personal life, and seek support from understanding colleagues or friends.

Remember, always listen to your body.

Avoid Processed Foods

While those tempting snacks might be calling your name, resist the urge.

Highly processed foods can exacerbate bloating and make you feel sluggish.

Periods are sometimes tough to handle, but highly processed junk food will make them more difficult while giving you a few seconds of satisfaction.

Opt for nutritious, whole foods that give you the energy you need.

Instead of reaching for those tempting sugary snacks or greasy comfort foods, why not prepare nutritious and satisfying meals in advance?

Meal prep allows you to take control of your cravings by having healthy options readily available.

Spend some time planning your meals, chopping veggies, and prepping ingredients.

Whip up delicious and balanced meals rich in nutrients, such as vibrant salads, protein-packed bowls, or hearty soups.

By having these options at your fingertips, you'll be less likely to give in to unhealthy cravings.

Plus, meal prep can be fun and empowering as you experiment with new flavours and combinations.

Grab your apron and embark on a culinary adventure that will nourish you!

As a reward, you can treat yourself to a piece of brownie or one delicious scoop of ice cream!

The secret is not banning your comfort food during period but eating them within a limit!

Avoid Intense Physical Activities

While staying active is generally beneficial, engaging in high-intensity workouts during your period is not a good idea.

Listen to your body and choose gentle exercises like yoga or walking that promote blood circulation and help alleviate cramps.

To feel fresher and more active, you can opt for low-intensity workouts!

There are plenty of gentle yet effective options to keep your body moving and promote overall well-being.

Yoga is a fantastic choice, as it combines gentle stretching, strength-building, and mindfulness.

Flow through a series of poses to focus on relaxation, flexibility, and gentle movements.

Pilates is another low-impact workout that targets core strength, stability, and flexibility that helps tone your muscles and improve posture without putting excessive strain on your body.

Walking or light jogging is a great way to get some cardio in without pushing yourself too hard. It allows you to enjoy the fresh air, clear your mind, and get your blood flowing.

If you're in the mood for something more playful, look for dance workouts or Zumba exercises!

They provide a fun and energetic way to move your body while boosting your mood.

Choose workouts that make you feel fantastic, without pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.

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Say No to Caffeine and Alcohol

As much as you love your daily cup of joe or an occasional glass of wine. Caffeine and alcohol can disrupt your hormonal balance and contribute to mood swings and worsened PMS symptoms.

Opt for herbal teas and non-alcoholic beverages during this time to feel amazing. Research the best blends to help you combat stress and cramps, thus making you feel better!

Avoid Tight Clothing

Give your body room to breathe!

Tight clothing can increase discomfort, restrict blood flow, and aggravate cramps.

Opt for loose-fitting, comfortable attire that allows you to move freely.

Bring out the pyjamas for their snuggly, warm comfort!

Say Goodbye to Unhealthy Habits

Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can exacerbate menstrual symptoms and have long-term health consequences.

Use your period to reevaluate these habits and make healthier choices for your overall well-being.

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Avoid Shaving/Waxing your Intimate Areas

Trust us, your skin will thank you!

During your periods, your skin can be extra sensitive, and those sharp razors or hot wax can cause discomfort.

Nobody wants that, right?

Consider taking a break from the hair removal routine and giving your skin some love and care.

You can embrace a more natural look and feel during your period, it is one less thing to worry about!

So, kick back, relax, and enjoy the freedom from razors and wax strips. Your body deserves a little break, and it’s another reason to embrace your body's natural beauty!

Rock on, period warrior!

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Remember, these tips may not apply to everyone in the same way. Each body is unique, and it's essential to listen to yours.

If certain activities or foods make you uncomfortable or worsen your symptoms, trust your instincts and make adjustments.

Avoiding these common pitfalls and being mindful of your body's needs can make your period journey more enjoyable.

Remember, it's not about perfection but your well-being.

With these helpful insights, go and conquer your period like the fierce warrior you are!

And always remember, you're not alone on this journey.

Contact your friends, family, or healthcare provider for support and guidance. Together, let's navigate the menstrual cycle maze with confidence, self-care, and humour.

Happy period-ing, Queens!

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