Should you exercise during your periods?

Should you exercise during your periods?

Does the thought of exercising during your periods spook you? Exercising seems like a struggle especially if you are having painful menstrual cramps.

Periods is the time when you just want to lay down on your bed in your most comfy clothes with a hot water bag. And just the mere thought about having to exercise can cause a headache.

However, trust us, exercising during periods is very beneficial and it also reduces painful cramps. And being aware of certain limitations while exercising can ensure your body can reap these benefits.

Just 30 minutes of exercise daily can reduce the risk of at least 30 chronic diseases. Also, it helps deal with mood swings.

We understand exercise is often the last thing any girl would do during periods, but doing some moderate exercises would not hamper your periods.

So, here are some of the best exercises to try during your periods.


The best exercises to do on your period-

1. Running- Yes, running! It works wonders to reduce those menstrual cramps. Daily 25-30 minutes running helps in relaxing the pelvic muscles and it also helps to prevent other PMS symptoms.

But wear the right menstrual product to avoid any discomfort, and also stay hydrated during running. Don’t stress your body much initially, go for a slow run and take some breaks in between.

It also helps in the secretion of hormones (endorphins) which uplifts your mood and you also feel energized.

2. Walking- Walking increases blood circulation which regulates the menstrual cycle and cures irregular periods. It also reduces menstrual cramps and prevents water retention in the body.

Additionally, the production of female hormones ( progesterone and estrogen) is minimal, exercise can help to maintain the balance.

Just a light walk for half an hour boosts your mood and you can burn your calories as well.

3. Balancing and gentle stretching- Practising gentle stretches can prevent discomfort during periods and if you skip the gym and heavy exercises then at least you can try light weight lifting.

Stretching also reduces anxiety and improves blood flow and reduces the sensations of fatigue.

4. Swimming-  You can use tampons while swimming, swimming is one of the most effective and relaxing exercises during menstruation.

Swimming is a low-intensity exercise and it is very effective for menstrual cramps.

5. Dancing- Yes, dancing! While enjoying your dance you can also burn some calories and it relaxes your mind. It also uplifts your mood. 

Dancing improves blood circulation and it also strengthens pelvic muscles.

6. Yoga- Some girls hesitate to do yoga during their menstruation but there are so many benefits of doing yoga especially during menstruation.

Yoga helps you with body aches, muscle pain, fatigue, and irritable menstrual cramps. Yoga strengthens the muscles, cures irregular periods, relaxes the mind, and maintains the balance of female hormones.


Here, are a few yoga poses that may help to relieve menstrual cramps and other PMS symptoms-


1. Camel pose- This pose is also known as ustrasana, in this, you stretch your body. This pose is really effective for abdominal muscles and helps in relieving pain caused during menstruation.

It also reduces the risk of respiratory diseases, it strengthens the back and shoulders. It also improves spinal flexibility and relieves lower back pain.

Hold this pose for 5 to10 deep breaths. During this pose focus on your breath and meditate it will make your mind calm and it will help you with mood swings.

2. Bow pose- This pose is also known as dhanurasana, improves blood circulation to the spinal nerves. It helps in curing menstrual problems naturally and this is a stress buster pose.

It also improves your posture and this pose will prevent bloating during periods. Go easy with this pose, don't put too much stress and it can actually be really useful to get rid of painful cramps.

Hold this pose for 30 seconds and this pose can be effective if you are feeling lethargic and fatigued.

3. Butterfly pose- This pose is also known as baddha konasana, this pose is basically for the lower part of your body. It is one of the best poses for treating irregular menstruation and PCOS.

It stimulates your reproductive system( like ovaries, bladder, abdominal muscles, and pelvic region). 

You usually feel bloated and discomfort on the lower part of your body, you must practice this pose for 15 to 20 minutes. It helps you to loosen up your low back, inner thighs, and hips which ease discomfort and menstrual pain. It makes your mind calm and relaxed.

4. Garland pose- This pose is also known as Malasana, it tones your abdomen, stretches your neck, back, and ankles. This asana boosts metabolism, prevents digestive problems, and is beneficial for the reproductive system. Hold this pose for 5-10 minutes as much as your body can hold, don’t force your body.

It opens your hips and groins, keeps your pelvic and hip joints healthy.


Exercises to avoid during periods-

  • You should avoid some exercises during your periods like intense cardio, lifting heavy weights, strenuous workouts, and avoid doing exercises for a long duration. Exercising too much during menstruation can cause irregular and heavy periods due to hormonal changes in the body. 
  • You should avoid inverted yoga poses, as it can result in heavy menstrual flow due to vascular congestion in your uterus. Also, avoid exercises that make your symptoms worse. 
  • You should also ignore deep twists like fish poses as it can stress your body, especially your pelvic region. It is also recommended to avoid deep core work like the scorpion pose as it increases the contraction of the lower body.
  • You should not exercise if you are experiencing severe cramps, fatigue, and discomfort. You should force your body only to do gentle exercises which don't involve intense movements as it can hamper your menstrual flow and can be problematic for the future

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There’s no reason to skip exercising during your period. In fact, gentle physical exercise can be beneficial for you. 

There are several myths that stop you from continuing your workout during menstruation but they all are not true. On the contrary, certain exercises can help you with menstrual abnormalities.`

Stretching, playing sports, exercise can actually ease painful period cramps and they are also responsible for the secretion of happy hormones in the body which makes you feel good.

So, no more excuses for skipping the gym. We hope through this blog all if and buts related to exercising during menstruation are cleared.