How use organic cotton pads

Why Use Organic Pads for Periods?

Cleanliness prevents disease and menstrual hygiene. During periods, women need to take care of their bodies and practice good feminine hygiene. Failing to do so can result in a variety of issues, including rashes, vaginal irritation, UTIs, yeast infections, and an increased risk of HPV and cervical cancer. 

Keep yourself clean, wear fresh, dry undergarments, replace your napkins every four to six hours, and use good-quality cotton napkins when necessary. Dispose of sanitary pad properly after use. This demonstrates the critical function sanitary products play in our menstrual health and comfort.

Dear Women, menstrual hygiene is a must. You know it, I (your Cambio Woman) know it.

But what many of us might not know is the marvel and beauty of organic cotton pads. 

Organic pads are the nicer, eco-friendlier version of normal pads. They are made up of pulp from plants like kenaf, corn, bamboo, wood, or jute. The top layer is soft and smooth, giving your skin some breathing space.

The layer of absorbent cellulose greedily takes away all the blood, keeping you dry and comfortable.

There’s no space for plastic, chlorine, latex or dioxins, or any other chemical or harmful substances, keeping your vaginal area and inner thigh skin as well as the environment beaming!

Here are the reasons why you should choose organic cotton pads too!

Chemical-free pads!

The organic pads are completely natural, with no hint of chemicals involved, which makes them a perfect fit for pretty ladies with sensitive skin. These pads dislike skin irritation and infections just as much as you and reduce their chances.


Its soft touch and breathable material bring our lady parts the comfort it yearns for, giving us a much better menstruation experience.

Reduced risk of infection

No brainer that reduced chemicals and its soft breathable material reduces the risk of infections. Synthetic pads, at times, may trap moisture and become a breeding ground for bacteria. But with the organic cotton of cotton pads, you are much safer.

Rash free

The absence of synthetic chemicals, dyes, and fragrances ensures fewer chances of irritation against your soft delicate skin, keeping you rash-free.


Well, the intimate goddess needs to breathe! Cotton organic pads give it much space to breathe (pun intended). The air circulation also reduces the chances of odor and ensures better hygiene during periods.

Pocket friendly

Agreed that the prices of organic pads (starting from 400 rs/pack), when compared to synthetic ones, (starting from 150 rs/pack) are high, but they aren’t pricey as a whole. Plus, its vagina-friendly benefits outweigh the cost difference making it pocket friendly as well!

Eco-friendly and Biodegradable

Given the pads are 100% natural, they don’t harm the environment and break down naturally in the environment. The true epitome of “Dharti se aaye hai, dharti me mil jana hai.”

So if you think about it, don’t organic cotton pads sound like The One for our vagina devi? It comes when she is in pain, (literally bleeding!), makes her pain its own, (again, literally), is gentle towards her, gives her space and air to breathe, and leaves when its purpose is served and has nothing more to offer, to be one with the earth!

Well, ladies, we may or may not get a partner like that, but let’s give that to our beloved Vagina Devi!

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Can organic pads be used in heavy flow?

Why not, baby gurl? Organic pads, just like synthetic pads, come in for all types of flow.

  • Start by checking the absorbency level of a pad. Some are marked as ‘for heavy flow’ or ‘super absorbent’ which might be the one for your periods.
  • Next, have a look at their size and thickness. The longer, broader, and thicker it is, (no I am not trying to be dirty!) the more blood it will soak in. Easy peasy!
  • Some pads may also come with a layered design with multiple absorbent layers. It locks the blood and leaves you carefree during heavy flow!

Are organic sanitary pads safe?

Of course, they are! For you as well as our beloved nature!

They are 100% natural, and hence you can stay carefree about skin irritations, rashes, infections, or allergies.

A synthetic pad can take up to 800 to 100000 years to break down, whereas organic cotton takes 2 good years and is done and dusted. 

Additionally, growing organic cotton does not necessitate the use of any pesticides that eliminate natural bees, insects, and birds that are important components of our ecosystem. 

Even your Cambio Woman gives cotton pads that are 100% organic in nature, eco-friendly and chemical-free. The pads come in different sizes as well, based on the flow but above all, they have a super absorbent core with Leak Locker technology!

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Organic cotton pads vs regular pads (synthetic pads)

  • Organic pads are made from nature-friendly, biodegradable products which don’t harm, contrary to which, conventional cotton or synthetic materials may cause infections.
  • The absence of chlorine, dyes, fragrances, etc. in organic pads does not irritate the skin, which might not be the case in synthetic pads.
  • Synthetic pads are less comfortable and breathable when compared to organic cotton pads.
  • Synthetic pads add to the non-biodegradable waste, harming nature. The same is not the case with organic pads.
  • Organic cotton pads are relatively more expensive than synthetic pads.

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Are organic pads better for you?

Well, the choice of the pad is a personal decision and varies from person to person. Though your Cambio Woman will strongly suggest you consider the best organic cotton pads, not only for their benefits to your body but for nature and its elements, and the statement it makes encourages a better, pollution-less future.

Choosing organic pads promotes sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices, supports small-scale farmers, and reduces exposure to harmful chemicals, making you a strong empowered Cambio Woman!

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Do organic sanitary pads make you bleed more? 

There is no scientific data that gives support for the hypothesis that organic tampons or pads are to blame for greater bleeding, except from anecdotal evidence. similar to the urban legend around the timing of menstruation. Changes in your weight, stress level, and general health are more likely to account for changes in the length of your period.

Organic period products are the finest option, regardless of whether they cause excessive bleeding, which is essentially a fallacy. Pesticides, which can affect your body when used, cotton growers, the air, land, and water, are heavily sprayed on conventional cotton. 

Organic is a proactive decision to prevent unneeded exposure to dioxins produced by non-organic bleaching methods or pesticide residues like glyphosate. The World Health Organization has classified both of these substances as cancer-causing agents.

Well, there are zero organic pads in the market that provide leak locker technology but Cambio pads do and they are the first ones in the line.

Cambio Organic pads come with leak locker technology, so even if there is an excess flow they will absorb all the excess blood. So you don’t have to worry now and keep changing pads every hour. 

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