Why does my vagina burn on my period

Why does my vagina burn on my period?

A burning vagina during your period can be caused by hormonal fluctuations leading to dryness, or by irritation from period blood or feminine hygiene products. While some burning is normal, see a doctor if it's severe, lasts for days, or comes with itching, unusual discharge, or pain when peeing -  these could signal an infection. Try unscented pads, and loose cotton underwear, and avoid douches to soothe mild burning.

Is vaginal burning during periods normal?

Yes! According to Dr Molly O'Shea, a mild burning sensation is normal during the end of periods as that’s when our body undergoes changes and fluctuations to prepare for the next cycle. This hormonal disbalance can cause vaginal dryness and irritation that can lead to a burning sensation in your vaginal area.

Usually, such burning sensations stay for a day or two. However, suppose the burning is accompanied by other symptoms that indicate abnormalities in reproductive health. In that case, it’s best to schedule an appointment with your healthcare advisor to get a correct diagnosis.

Why do hormonal fluctuations induce a burning sensation during periods?

Hormonal fluctuations that occur during menstruation can cause a range of symptoms, including a burning sensation. This sensation may be caused by the release of prostaglandins, which are hormone-like substances that are responsible for inflammation and pain signaling, leading to increased sensitivity to pain and discomfort. Hormonal changes can also affect nerve sensitivity and blood flow, which can contribute to feelings of warmth or burning. 

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What other factors could contribute to burning during my period?

Besides hormonal fluctuations, several other factors can contribute to a burning sensation during your period:

  • Irritation from menstrual products: Tampons, pads, and liners can sometimes irritate the vulva (the outer part of your genitals) if they're made with certain materials or have added fragrances. 
  • Vulvar skin conditions: Skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis can affect the vulva and worsen during your period due to increased sensitivity.
  • Vaginal infections:  According to research published by the National Institutions of Health, Infections like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can cause burning, itching, and other symptoms that can give you a burning sensation in your genitals.
  • Douching: Douching disrupts the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina, which can lead to irritation and burning. 
  • Chemical soaps and detergents: Harsh soaps used in the genital area can irritate the delicate vulvar skin.

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If you suspect any of these factors might be contributing to your burning sensation, here are some steps you can take:

  • Switch menstrual products: Try unscented, organic and hypoallergenic pads and liners, or consider a menstrual cup.
  • Consult a doctor: If you suspect a skin condition or infection, see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. 
  • Avoid douching: Your vagina is self-cleaning, and douching can harm your reproductive health.
  • Use gentle cleansers: Opt for fragrance-free and gentle cleansers specifically designed for the vulva.

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When to consult a healthcare professional?

If the burning sensation is accompanied by other symptoms like unusual discharge, odour, itching, or pain during urination or intercourse, or if it doesn't improve with home remedies, seek immediate attention and consult a healthcare professional.

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